The Facts of Ultrasonic Cleaning Industry in Malaysia

Ultrasonic Cleaning Industry in Malaysia

Ultrasound cleaning is methods are now favored by many organizations like; dental, ophthalmic, veterinary, and medical. Many industries are also adopting this method of cleaning as it use high-frequency waves and solvent to get rid of grease and other remains from products and operational process. Maintaining a safe and secure production line is a minimal requirement for continuous production and perpetuating profitability. Minute contamination and the formation of debris cause untimely wear. And tear of vital components leading to the breakdown of the assembly line of production. Implementing a precise, effective industrial cleaning system complying with industry-standard is essential for retaining optimal production.

The ultrasonic cleaning industry in Malaysia uses the most advanced and modern ultrasonic cleaning technology. Precision cleaning is the most important and concluding step before product assemblage. The ingeniously build Class 10 compliant equipment, eliminates even the resilient industrial contamination. These machines can be quickly integrated with Manufacturing Execution System (MES). With innovation and customization, the companies craft their products as an engineering marvel.  As per your specification, they can create ultrasonic cleaning machines that are compact, innovative, and significantly reduce development time. 

Ultrasonic History

The range of sound frequencies that are not audible to the human ear is referred to as ultrasonic. The spectrum is usually between 20,000 to 100,000 cycles per second. The lower and higher frequencies have different characteristics and use for a particular application. From World War I, the application of ultrasounds started. But due to poor transducers, it cannot be used for cleansing purposes. Transducers are devices that convert energy, such as pressure or brightness, to an electrical signal or vice versa.  From the 1960s, due to improved transducers, it is used in an ultrasonic cleaner. Modern technology has initiated the development of more steadfast and effectual ultrasonic cleaning machines. 

Ultrasonic cleaning machines

An ultrasonic cleaning machine uses ultrasound and water or another suitable cleaning solvent to clean products. The machine gives a comprehensive cleaning solution from dirt, germs, and other contamination. The items are placed in a tank full of water or other solvent and assail with high-frequency waves. Ultrasonic cleaners do not have a standardized size; they come up in various sizes and can be portable also. Most machines are made of stainless steel or aluminum. As these materials are non-corrosive, it makes the machine durable and robust. Most machines come with a tank which varies in capacity and size. Some are devoid of the tank; instead, there are basins or sink. Other components are; piezoceramic transducers, temperature control, and on/off switch, drainer, and rack. The machine needs electrical energy to activate transducers. The average power required is around 50 to 10 watts per gallon. 


The ultrasonic cleaning industry in Malaysia is growing more efficient and powerful over time. The machines they design are capable of cleaning any component of any size or how delicate it is. The water-based solvent gives a gentle yet thorough cleaning of different objects. Long term cost efficiency is the key advantage of an industrial ultrasonic cleaner. The machine can clean speedily and thoroughly several objects, making it ideal for many businesses ranging from café to medical facilities to manufacturing plants.