Discover Ways to Overcome Pandemic Fatigue in Seniors

Pandemic Fatigue in Seniors

A year of the pandemic makes everyone feel exhausted with all the restrictions that the COVID-19 has made. And it is natural to feel that way. While studies and science have proven that quarantine, face coverings, physical distancing, and often handwashing all play significant roles in slowing the spread of the virus, the urge to have life resume to normalcy is a strong one. Seniors must be more careful during the pandemic due to a higher risk for contracting the virus and complications from COVID-19.

Their desire to have a life back is powerfully coveted. Because of the pandemic, seniors must eliminate in-person engagements, forcing changes in their daily living activities and halt many social activities; that they once enjoyed. Visits with family and friends, travel, weekly games or monthly social activities or book club, even something as simple as visiting a museum or window shopping have been restrained due to the COVID-19.

For those activities that have remained, safety measures have moved them to online or in-person at a distance, which is not quite the same. During those activities, they must still observe minimum health protocols, especially in in-person meetings. 

Pandemic fatigue or quarantine in seniors is uncommon, and it has direct results on their health. The exhaustion associated with the limited and restrictive lifestyle makes their lives even more difficult. However, this way, this implementation helps the slow spread of the virus and protects them and others. 

Signs of pandemic fatigue include the following:

  • Variations in eating or sleeping habits
  • Feeling anxious, sad, tense, or irritable
  • Loss in motivation, decrease or loss in productivity
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or things that were once enjoyable
  • Social isolation
  • And more the same symptoms

At Senior Buddies, we understand that pandemic fatigue can show differently in every person. To help minimize feelings of loneliness and isolation in aging adults and to help keep physically, mentally well, and whole, we suggest the following tips:

Set and maintain a routine. When every day is virtually the same as the last, it can be overwhelming to keep a routine. Make sure to make a daily schedule with a particular time for waking, eating, joining fun activities, and sleeping. In doing so, it will be more difficult for the senior to spend the day inactive. 

Regular Exercise. Everyday exercise benefits both physical and mental health. Take the chance of going outside during fine weather and enjoy a daily stroll every morning. Or even drive to your favorite park and meet friends for a socially distanced meet-up or walk. Another excellent way to get some exercise and get vitamin D is to work in gardening, planting flowers and vegetables. 

Eat daily, healthy meals. With so much time being home, it is easy to fall into the habit of binge eating or eating unhealthy meals. Plan and prepare nutritious, well-balanced meals and snacks that include fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy grains. 

Stay connected with family and friends. While staying at home may need seniors to remain socially distant, there is no need to feel isolated or far away. They can still maintain connections with family and friends using phone calls, social media, video calls, and letter writing. Almost everybody is coping with the agitation the COVID-19 has caused. Having someone with whom they can share their disappointments, struggles, and longing for normalcy is vital. 

Engage in prayer, meditation, or mindfulness. The ending information about COVID-19 can be tiring and stressful. Having a time-out for news, turning off computers, and break from social media is significant. Use this plenty of time to focus and relax on the importance of mental health; it is also helpful for physical and overall wellness. 

Take up a hobby. Use your time being at home to focus on learning new skills or hobbies that you may find interesting or picking up old skills you used to have. Access one of the many free applications to learn a new skill or language, or instrument, jot down your memoirs from childhood, organize family albums, learn computer language or photography, investigate a period in history that amuses you. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. 

Another excellent option to help seniors overcome pandemic fatigue while staying safe at home is to have a partner with expertise in care. Senior Buddies is an in-home care provider that offers care services in San Antonio, Leon Springs, Fair Oaks, Boerne, Marble Falls, and throughout the area. We have been active in assisting seniors in having engaged and healthy lives. 

Let us give your senior loved ones the companionship and care they need to reduce anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. With personal assistance, they will keep their independence. We offer customized care plans to meet the specific need of your loved one, including:

  • Social activities
  • Conversation and companionship
  • Light housekeeping, laundry services, run errands, and grocery shopping
  • Personal care assistance, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, and incontinence
  • Planning and preparing nutritious meals 
  • Transportation to appointments and social events
  • Medication reminders
  • Specific care for those with Alzheimer’s or other chronic conditions

Contact Senior Buddies to learn more about our care plans. With our professional in-home caregivers, we guarantee that your loved ones are in good hands and safe. We promise to deliver the best in-home care while you stay home.