Different Architectures around the World

Different Architectures around the World

A famous award winning architect of Canadian origin Frank Owen Gehry once said and I quote, “Architect should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”. Frank was awarded Canadian-American Pritzker Prize and his own residence is now a known tourist attraction. From the history books and ruins of ancient civilization this statement of Frank has been proven to be as basic principle of art of architect. An architecture design or style is a particular or defined method of construction. Ever style or type of architect is unique because of its method of construction, use of material and regional or traditional touch in it. Modern day interior decorators use many of ancient architecture designs as source of decoration by wall art or having pictures of those architectures printed onto affordable canvas prints to increase the beauty of their interior. Any new kind of architect fails to survive if it doesn’t have roots within a culture or mind set of people. Architecture style is very much like an artist making a painting which has many messages and cultural backgrounds hidden in it.

Few of the famous architectural styles and design are:

  • Ancient Roman
  • Ancient Egyptian
  • Ancient Greek
  • Gothic Style
  • Islamic Architect
  • Renaissance
  • Modern Style
  • High Tech Style
  • Expressionist

These are few of the styles of a long list of types and styles of architectures used around the world in ancient times and in modern days. In this article I will be talking a bit about the ancient architectural styles of Greek, Romans and Egyptians. The reason for discussing them is the fact that these designs and styles are still widely employed in our modern architecture and many of the modern architectural designs are greatly impressed by them.

Greek Architecture

Greek architecture is believed to be flourishing before 600 BC and is famous mainly because of its amazing designs of temples. The ruins that have been un-earthed in modern times have revealed their expertise in creating some amazing architectural designs with the help of columns. Greek architecture style is construction and the decoration of its exterior and that is the reason it was employed to make monuments, stadiums and town council building for instance. Greek architecture resulted in major impact on western architecture and we see modern day buildings very much impressed by the Greek architecture especially government owned buildings and public monuments. The use of statues around the building as they used to do for their Greek Gods and other notables is practice still used in modern interior decoration.

Roman Architecture

Roman architecture, many historians and architects believe, has been inspired by the Greek architecture and if you look closely you won’t be having trouble identifying some similarities between their styles and designs. But this is also believed that Roman architecture spread more as compared to Greek architecture and sometimes people mistake and consider Greeks to have been impressed by Romans. The time line has a more logical and true story of that. Roman architecture survived by impressing Byzantine architecture and even the modern day architecture. Many building of modern times use the techniques and designs of Roman architecture to this day. The arch and dome have been a specialty of Roman architecture and that is the reason of it being unique and still used in modern day architecture. This arch technique has been employed to construct bridges in modern days and that is the Roman technique invented by them only.

In the coming articles I will be discussing a bit about Egyptian Ancient architecture and few others and their use in modern day architecture designs. We are in very fortunate times that we have with our research been able to get a jump start with the help of techniques and inventions of ancient civilizations and have taken them even further with our evolution and innovation.