Colleen Hoover Books: Why Are They Trending On TikTok?

Colleen Hoover Books

Do you love reading books? Well, if you are a lover of contemporary romance, young adult, or women’s fiction, then there are high chances that you have read Colleen Hoover books. As per the sources, the author self-published her debut novel, “Slammed” back in 2012. In fact, since then she has become one of the industry’s most prolific authors.

As of now, the writer has published more than 20 books in multiple genres in less than a decade. In fact, Collen Hoovers’ books ranked repeatedly on the New York Times Best Sellers list. In addition, she has also won numerous Goodreads Choice Awards nominations because of her books. So let us discuss some of the significant aspects of her life and career in this article. Let us take a quick glance!

Who Is Colleen Hooer?

As we said earlier, Colleen Hoover is an American author well-known for romance and young adult fiction. However, her fans know her best for her 2016 romantic novel “It Ends With Us.” But most of her works were self-published before a publishing house picked her up. 

Media sources reveal, Colleen sold more than 20 million books. The 43-year-old writer is highly popular all over the world for her books. For instance, some of the best Colleen Hoover’s books are “It Ends With Us,” “Slammed,” “This Girl,” “Losing Hope,” “Confess” and a few others.

Who Is Colleen Hooer?

Trace Colleen Hoover’s Successful Career Graph

If you have read Colleen Hoover’s romantic novels, you might have an addiction to her books. But do you know, how she became so famous? Well, let us trace her successful career graph in this section. As per the sources, in November 2011, Hoover began writing her debut novel, “Slammed.” However, she had no intention of publishing her novel.

As per the reports, she drew inspiration from a lyric, “decide what to be and go be it,” from an Avett Brothers song. In fact, Hoover also said that she published the novel so her mother who had just got an Amazon Kindle, could read it. Needless to say, books by Colleen Hoover are presently in high demand among young readers. 

It was Hoover’s novel, “It Ends With Us” which the publisher released in 2016 took her career graph to new heights. In fact, she describes it as “the hardest book I’ve ever written.” As per the sources, the novel concerns domestic violence. Moreover, she wrote it to advocate for domestic violence victims. This novel had associations with Colleen Hoover’s own childhood. In fact, in 2021, the writer experienced a surge in popularity due to attention from the BookTok community on TikTok.

Why Is Colleen Hoover Trending On TikTok?

Currently, Colleen Hoover’s book, “It Ends With Us” was on The New York Times best sellers list. As of 2019, the novel has sold over a million copies worldwide that writers have translated into over twenty languages. This book has always remained as one of the fan favorites.

The writer’s publishing house released the sequel to “It Ends With Us” titled “It Stars With Us” on October 18, 2022. As of October 2022, the writer has sold over 20 million books. 

Why Is Colleen Hoover Trending On TikTok?

FAQs About Collen Hoover

  • How many books does Colleen Hoover have?

She has over 24 books as of now in 2022.

  • What order to read Colleen Hoover’s books?

If you are wondering how to read Colleen Hoover’s books in order you can start with her first book “Slammed,” and proceed to “It Starts With Us,” her recent book.

  • How many books has Colleen Hoover written?

Colleen Hoover has written over 24 books as of 2022. 

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that Colleen Hoover’s books are presently the topic of discussion on social media platforms due to their immense popularity. If you have already read some of her books, you will know why they are so popular. You can take a look at some of the reasons why Hoover is presently trending on TikTok.

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