Choose the Best Bird Repellent for Protecting Your Locations

Choose the Best Bird Repellent for Protecting Your Locations

If you start from the image that all birds are beautiful birds that cannot harm, it will be difficult to discover the reality of living with pigeons for example, and will never consider using a bird repellent. But you can do it. Let’s look at the big picture: you will notice the miserable benches in the park from the bird droppings. Not to mention the statues and floor lamps, on which the color of the original paint is no longer distinguishable. One of the most used products meant to stop birds to keep on coming is Bird Free Optical Gel.

No one wants to harm no matter the type of bird. But only think about the moment you leave the park and want to get in the car, but first, you have to clean the windshield because you parked under a tree. And this is just one example. And you can be sure that if you met a few birds in one area, there would certainly be many more around. A bird repellent can be safely used for different types of locations, from houses to apartments, stores, warehouses, architectural buildings, etc.

Why is Bird Protection Systems Needed?

The most important reason is the safety of human health. Urban bird droppings contain many microbes and bacteria and can transmit many diseases. Another reason would be to keep buildings and surroundings clean and sanitized for a long time. The choice of the protection system against bird landing will be made according to the degree of invasion of the area with birds. Depending on the number of species or members, 3 levels of invasion must be taken into account:

  1. low – bird’s presence is occasional;

  2. medium -areas where birds have been sheltering for a long time;

  3. high – areas where birds make a nest.

Bird Free Optical Gel Repellent

Bird Repellent

Bird Free Optical Gel works as a fire shield that prevents birds from landing on any type of building. The repellent can create an illusion of flames for bird’s eyes so that it keeps them away. Using this product will manage to help you have a bird-free building. Its characteristics don’t involve only visual components but also olfactory, touch and sense biological components. All these work together in creating an efficient repellent that stimulates birds to fly away.

Can Bird Free Optical Gel Be Used in Any Season?

This bird repellent can be used even if it rains, or it snows. Being oil-based, temperatures won’t affect its composition, no matter where is installed, indoors or outdoors. No need to say that building structures, balconies, bridges, roofs, etc. won’t be damaged in any way.

Bird Free Optical Gel is available in the form of small high dishes, easy to apply, resistant to high and low temperatures, that can provide up to two years of protection against different types of unwanted birds. Before applying you should thoroughly clean the place where you will install it.

Another Type of Bird Repellent That Can Be Used

There are times when ordinary birds that live next to people’s homes can become annoying. Birds can have harmful effects on households. It is known that birds carry fleas, ticks, and dust mites, which in turn can transmit diseases to humans and pets. An ecological and human solution to repel harmful birds without harming them or other creatures is to use bird repellent devices with sounds specific to birds of prey, sounds meant to panic and drive harmful birds out of range of the device or devices with visual effects meant to keep them at a distance.

Visual Repellents for Chasing Birds Away

Birds are always very attentive to their surroundings, both to hunt and to hide from predators. In this sense, to discourage them from entering the premises, devices can be placed that mimic the appearance of their natural predators. This way birds can’t see the difference between repellents and predators so they won’t stay in the surroundings and won’t come back for some time. For the most efficient control of the birds, it is indicated to combine the method with other treatments such as Bird Free Optical Gel, or to replace the device every few days.

Sound Devices for Birds

Bird Repellent

To keep the birds away from a certain area, sound bird repellents can also be used. They work by broadcasting specific sounds to endangered or predatory birds and threatening or disorienting unwanted birds in the target area. Because they emit sounds similar to the natural signals of birds, it is necessary to recognize unwanted species so as not to attract even more birds that respond to the call of their species. Sound devices emit sounds that do not disturb people. This humane and ecological method will solve the problem of unwanted birds, removing them from large areas without harming them or other creatures.

Visual repellents are devices designed to mimic the appearance of birds of prey or to reflect sunlight. It acts by intimidating the birds and keeping them away from the protected area. Most work without electricity. Sound devices emit bird-like sounds, acting by intimidation or disorientation. They are electrically operated and can be powered by mains or batteries. Some of these bird repellents work better in rural areas or in quieter environments, where predators live naturally. In urban areas, due to noise pollution of buildings, cars, factories, etc., birds can develop other sensory abilities and quickly get used to all kinds of noise.

Thus, the efficiency of the devices above may decrease in areas that are permanently polluted by noise, gel repellent can be more appropriate. If you have problems with harmful birds, if they destroy your surroundings, then the solution is Bird Free Optical Gel, a gel that is especially recommended for any type of location. This gel is non-toxic, effective, and lasts a long time, being the least aesthetically disturbing solution against birds, not harmful, and very effective. Soon birds will leave your area in search of a more comfortable one.