Camping Out in Style: 6 Ways to Craft a Glamping Dream

Glamping trip

Glamping (glamour and camping) is quickly taking over the travel industry. The glamping industry is expected to bring in $4.8 billion in revenue by 2025.  

While you can find listings for $1,000 per night glamping tents in the middle of the desert, you don’t have to be a rich celebrity to enjoy this tourism trend. In fact, you can turn any camping trip into a glamping trip with the right preparations. 

Not sure where to start when it comes to planning a glamping trip? Keep reading to learn how you can enjoy camping out in style for your next vacation. 

1. Choose a Glamourous Destination

The most essential step for going glamping is to choose a glamourous destination. 

Most commonly, people choose to glamp in locations that aren’t overrun with tourists. You’re probably looking for a secluded area that still offers great amenities and nearby entertainment. This may seem like an impossible location to find, but there are many great locations. 

First, consider glamping in a national park. There are over 400 national parks, so there’s bound to be one that meets your expectations. National parks are great because they offer accommodations for those going camping but they also offer breathtaking views. 

If you’re looking for a more-structured location, consider a glamping resort. Due to rising popularity, a quick Google search will result in many great options. The hard part will be narrowing down your options and choosing just one. 

2. Purchase a Glamp-Worthy Camper or Tent

Once you’ve chosen your location, you need to focus on your specific accommodations. Where you sleep is what truly separates a regular camping trip from a glamping trip. 

The level of glamping you want to experience will determine whether you purchase a tent or a recreational vehicle. 

If you’re not overly picky, a tent will do. But, invest in a high-quality tent that will protect you from the elements. Then, take your accommodations a step further by purchasing a quality mattress in lieu of the traditional sleeping bag or air mattress. 

But, if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, consider buying an RV. RVs or campers are like little apartments on wheels. They traditionally consist of a bedroom, living area, bathroom, and kitchen.

You can choose your level of luxury with your RV purchase. For example, Caravan Woods allows you to customize and build your very own off-the-grid luxury trailer. 

If you’re not sure you’ll truly enjoy glamping, consider renting a tent or camper. You can also choose to stay at a glamping resort that has fixed accommodations for travelers. 

3. Don’t Forget the Basics

When you’re going camping, you need to start your packing with the absolute basics.

Once you know your accommodations, you will have a better idea about the kind of supplies you’ll need for your trip. For example, if you’re going tent glamping, you’ll need to think about how you’ll access water and electricity. But, if you’re going camper glamping, you can pack more like you would if you were staying in a hotel room. 

Keep in mind these main categories when packing and you should be covered:

  • Toiletries including toilet paper and soap
  • Clothing for all occasions, from hiking to swimming
  • Sleeping necessities such as blankets and pillows
  • First aid items for emergencies
  • Essential items like cash and your driver’s license

4. Get Techy With Your Accessories

Once you’ve got the basics down, look into the different glamping technology that will make your trip easier and more fun whale watching los angeles. 

If the thought of watching a movie under the stars sounds fun, purchase an outdoor projector and screen to set up your own theatre. Or, if you plan to go on long hikes and explore the area, consider investing in a GPS so that you don’t end up lost. 

Other great gadgets for camping include:

  • Wireless speakers to play music
  • Solar grill or cooker
  • Portable coffee maker
  • Water filter

5. Splurge on the Food Choices

When camping, it can be difficult to indulge in high-quality meals. This is where thorough planning will help take your trip to the next level. 

Think about what types of meals you can make from your campsite. Steaks and potatoes are a classic if you have an open fire and a cast-iron skillet. And, if you have a fire, you can never go wrong with a traditional pudgy pie for dessert. 

Write down a meal plan for the extent of your trip and an ingredient list. Start by buying the easy items, such as your dry ingredients.

Then, you’ll need to get creative with your perishables. If you are staying in a camper or at a resort, odds are you’ll have access to a refrigerator. If not, find a grocery store nearby or invest in a high-quality cooler and ice. Make sure to invest in a thermometer so you can make sure that nothing has spoiled before you eat it. 

It’s also a good idea to scout out great restaurants near your camping location. Plan to splurge for a few meals so you can take a break from cooking.

6. Plan Luxiourious Activities 

Now that you’ve handled all the essential parts of your trip, you can concentrate on the fun aspects. 

If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, look for hiking trails near your camping spot. Look for unique hikes that might include a waterfall or scenic views. Bonus points if you can find a hot spring or clear river for a quick dip!

If you’re not the outdoorsy type, don’t fret. Look for local entertainment, such as festivals, concerts, or fun shopping spots. Plan a massage at the local spa or a fun day at a nearby casino. 

Opt for Camping Out in Style On Your Next Glamping Trip

After reading this article, you’re ready for your next glamping trip. These tips will have you camping out in style with minimal effort. You may never step foot inside a hotel room again! 

Start by choosing an amazing location for your trip and investing in a beautiful tent or camper. Then, make sure you pack all the basics for your trip, then add on fun tech items and the ingredients for great meals. Finally, no glamping trip is complete without glamping activities, such as relaxing hikes to waterfalls or a dip in a hot spring. 

Looking for more ways to make your glamping trip as luxurious as possible? Be sure to browse more articles like this on the Lifestyle section of this site.