Best Beach Destinations in Turkey


A holiday must be enjoyed not necessarily in an elegant fashion but a memorable one. Picking a destination can be difficult. Worse off, one could pick a destination and embark there only to end up having a horrible time. One destination that guarantees to surpass any traveller’s expectations is Turkey. Not known to many, Turkey hosts some of the best beach resorts in the world. These beaches offer the whole package ranging from tranquil environments to serene views. The following are some examples:
Kusadasi is proof that the smallest things can transform and become a beautiful spectacle. What started out as a small village dependent on fishing has transformed into one of Turkey’s classiest destinations. It is equipped with:
· Beautiful sandy beaches
· Warm climate. Sunshine is one constant in Kasadasi.
· amazing scenery and historical sites
An aerial view will show one just how magnificent Oludeniz is. Its amazing blue lagoon opens up right next to its long sandy beach. This is a factor that has brought this region fame globally. It is known as one of the world’s best spots for para sailing. To add on to the amazing view, it is situated next to the Taurus Mountains. Tourists can enjoy all this and just in one spot. Other exciting features to look for include:
· affordable hotels that can cater for any income earner
· 5 star beach resorts with all facilities available
Surrounded by beautiful blue waters, Bodrum rests on the Turquoise Coast. One can spend their time enjoying the extraordinary view of the water and the numerous boats. The beach has a quiet environment where one can spend time basking while enjoying the sun. It hosts the Halicamassus disco which is known as one of the best of its kind in Europe. Bodrum is known as a favorite for the wealthy. Some of the amenities and activities one can enjoy include:
· Sailing
· Snorkeling
· Five star hotels
· Fashionable boutiques
Antalya is the full package since it hosts fun, rich culture and a sense of history. It is recognized as a favorite beach destination in Europe. It offers an excellent view of the Taurus Mountains. An aerial view will show one a stretch of a long sandy beach next to blue clear water. It has rightfully been named as the Turkish tourism capital. Tourists visiting Antalya can enjoy:
· High class hotels
· Great Turkish hospitality
· Elegant restaurants
· Kaleici where they will enjoy the rich history of the city.
Turkey has a host of lavish villas, ancient ruins and Bed and breakfast resorts that many tourists will enjoy. Their beaches are known and recognized globally. All those planning their holidays in advance should check on the various beach destinations available together with the reviews. One is assured of finding only positive reviews and beautiful pictures of the various beaches. What makes this travel destination so unique is that it has a wide array of options to choose from. Those who love the beach but are interested in other things will enjoy the museums and rich history in a large number of the towns. They need to make sure they have their passports when travelling.
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