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Nightmare Roommate

Don’t Get Stuck With a Nightmare Roommate: 5 Reasons to Have a Roommate Contract

"Agh! Who ate my leftovers?!"We hate to say it, but you could be chowing down on that leftover pad Thai if only you had...
9 Helpful Hacks for Finding a Roommate Who Doesn't Drive You Crazy

9 Helpful Hacks for Finding a Roommate Who Doesn’t Drive You Crazy

About one in three people between the ages of 23 and 65 have roommates. That's a number we've seen go up by about 10...
Selling Your Home

Sell This House! Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home

If you’ve been thinking of selling your home, you can be forgiven for having your doubts.With job market fluctuations, a teetering economy, an ongoing...
Move-Out Checklist

Your Comprehensive Move-Out Checklist

Once you’ve massaged your wrist after signing dozens of pages in your home sale and mortgage documents, it’s finally time to prepare for your...
HR Professionals

10 Interesting Facts About HR Professionals

The success and growth of an organization depend on the people of the organization. The best way to achieve that? By providing better working...